Holy hell! Wow. What a day! What a family! What a lot of LOVE!!!! There was about 14 kilometres of dirt road for guests to travel along as part of the adventure that was Jill and Pete’s country farm wedding. Held on her grandfather’s property in a stunning valley of mountains an hour and a half west of Brisbane, guests were treated to country air and a relaxed, country boho atmosphere as they drove up the hill to the wedding ceremony location. So much fun!

After a ceremony full of carefully chosen words and light heartfelt moments guests followed the bride and groom to a picnic under the stars.

It was totally my style to keep things super relaxed and meander from the formal portraits through to the bridal portraits and then onto the reception without leaving the guests for long. It was clear from the moment Jill first contacted me that their friends and family were THE most important part of the day so we made time to make sure 1. Pete and Jill had tonnes of time up their sleeve so that the day was as relaxed as possible and they could spend as much time as possible with their mates. 2. we weren’t gone for ages doing bridal portraits. And that suited me perfectly! This is your day after all. My job is to help you relax and have an amazing time (and hopefully get some cool pics along the way.)

I hope you love this wedding and can feel through the pictures just how amazing it was to be there. Love, Kath.