Don’t let the word ‘project’ scare you off.

I’ve finally found the sweet spot of photo projects that works for me and I’d love to share it with you! It’s a framework that will fit in with life as we currently know it here but also a project that honours the full-story. I’m calling it a 24 Stories Project and I’d love you to join me.

This is for you if:

  • You’re short on time.
  • You love storytelling.
  • You want to remember the details but you don’t want the pressure of a photo-a-day.
  • You don’t want to spend all your spare time on your computer.

What is a ’24 stories project’?

Twice a month for a year, I grab my camera and do a mini-essay of something going on in our life. It’s just ordinary stuff. No one tells me to go and photograph ‘something blue’. At the end of a year, I have 24 stories about our family that encapsulate who we are in this season of our life. I’ve got a list of a few things I’d like to capture during the year. The twins waking up in the morning. Sundays afternoons in the vege garden. Matt playing the guitar while Charlie dances with his eyes shut.

I fill in the blanks with spontaneous moments when I’m feeling inspired. I don’t have a rigid plan. Just a basic framework to push me to get it done. At the end of a year, I’ll have a sweet little package of around a thousand story-telling photographs. I’ve found a thousand per year is about right.

If it’s more than around a thousand, it feels too much to look over later on. Not only does the number one thousand give me a goal but it also helps me be ruthless when I’m culling. After all these years I’m a culling ninja.

Day one of my new personal photo project.

A winter afternoon. Four kids and a mum on a block of dirt with poor water supply but a nice view in Queensland, Australia. Close enough to the beach if you wanna get wet it’s a one-stop drive. Quiet and rural enough to not be shocked by the house prices. Cows next door. One chicken, one dog, a snake passing by in the vegetable garden and a kookaburra that hopefully got it.

This place is something magical to me. It was a bony and bare horse paddock when we bought it. I used to drive past it every day on my way to work and didn’t even give it a second look when the ‘for sale’ sign went up on the gate. Til one day I did. The moment I arrived at the top of the hill to take a look at it felt like that moment when you feel the seasons change. The air just smelt differently there. Like hope. Like when Winter changes to Spring.

I rang Matt. He believed me. We put a deposit down. We didn’t even look anywhere else. And even though it’s so rocky you need a crowbar to dig a hole and so windy you can kick a footy to yourself some days of the year, it’s also imprinted with us. Stepped on by feet that were born here. Loved by a family who can’t imagine life anywhere else.

The twins have just gone 18 months now and it feels like it’s time for a photo project again. I’ve done a few these past five years or so and have always found them to be awesome for sparking creativity. Mostly, I just want a gentle nudge to create a time-capsule of this extraordinary time in my life. The days are rushing on through as fast as the spin cycle on the washing machine. I have to document this. Then I can relax and get on with watching them grow.

24 Stories Project Number One

Maddie is wearing the kindy shorts she just can’t bear to throw out. She’s on the cusp on getting older now so I’m happy for her to hang onto them. She literally throws her school clothes off when she gets home of an afternoon and reverts to our old Mads. Watching her with the twins is like poetry. I lean on her a lot these days and she never lets me down. Cue the tears.

Poppy is still in her nightie because it’s Saturday and anything goes. Matt is away so I’ve got dinner done early. It means we can all hang outside till it gets dark or cold or both. Poppy goes on to tell everyone at morning talk on Monday that Daddy had six wines at the wedding. Charlie gets scared of the dog rustling in the grass and reaches out for his sisters. Evie doesn’t want her soft little toddler feet on that gravel road for all the snacks in the pantry. I just want to breathe it all in and keep it forever.

I’ve been inspired by my girl crew

The girls in the OB Workshop Success Squad over on facebook are constantly inspiring me to create. I remember when I first began learning photography I would stay up into the middle of the night scouring Flickr and looking at all the camera settings people were using trying to reverse engineer what they did.

So I thought it would be super helpful to bang out the camera settings here as well. It’s super helpful to notice how the settings changed as I moved my feet and as the light changed as well.

Keen for a photo project?

If you’re keen to start your own photo project but don’t think a 24 Stories Project is for you, you might like this post. You can totally make up a hybrid version to suit your life and available time. A cool tip would be to make it doable but also you wanna push yourself a little as well. That’s where the magic lies. You can read all about Photo Projects here.

I’d love a peek inside your life. Come and join me on Instagram. I’m @kathscottloves. You can use my hashtag #365ordinarybeautiful to share your story with me (and so I can cheer you on). If you wanna join in the fun of the 24 Stories framework use the hashtag #ob24stories.

See you in the sun,