Photography games you can play with your kids that can help unlock your own creativity as well? What’s not to love?! It’s definitely a big thumbs up from me. Read on friend!

Do you ever feel so caught up in getting the perfect shot that you forget to just play around and enjoy photography like you used to? I know I do. Do you remember those days in the beginning? Pointing your camera at anything that moved and loving the results just because your kiddos were in the picture. Even if it was blurry or a little too dark. But then you got picky. And someone told you about aperture. And now everything is not quite good enough.

If you’re feeling in a bit of a creativity rut or you’d love to just chill out in a pressure-free zone enjoying your camera again, these photography games are going to set your creativity on fire. As an added bonus, you get to share your love of photography with your kids. Watch their eyes light up when you trust them with your big camera. See them NOT run and hide when you get your camera out after you play these games with them. Letting them have a sneak peek into your world makes them feel important too. And don’t we all love that?

Put your fun pants on mama. It’s time to have some fun!

Photography Games. One – I love It When…

This is a really simple way to get natural portraits of an older child. If I had to toss out ages I would recommend four years and older but it’s really only dependant on whether they can use your camera or not. If they can hold it up you can show them!

How to do it:

  • Sit apart from one another in some nice light.
  • Pass the camera between you both. One shot, pass it on, that’s the rule.
  • Now to add some flavour to the images. When it’s your turn with the camera take it in turns telling each other ‘I love it when…’ Release the shutter when they smile.
  • It’s a really fun way to let them know that you notice them. Kids cannot help but light up when you say to them: ‘Hey, I love it when you do that crazy dance that makes your brother smile.’ Or, ‘I loved it when you emptied the dishwasher without me asking this morning.’
  • The beautiful, natural smile photo you get as a reward for such a simple sentence is just the icing on the cake of a really meaningful moment.

Photography Game. Two – Favourites

How fun is it when you discover something about someone you love that you didn’t know before? Do you know your child’s favourite colour? What about their favourite book? Or their favourite place to hide in the backyard? This simple photography game will have them eager to play with you next time your camera is out.

How to do it:

  • Sit down together and write a list of 10 favourite things to discover.
  • Don’t write the answers for now, just the prompts.
  • Take it in turns walking around with your list and filling out the answers by making photographs.
  • Have fun guessing exactly what it is that the other person has chosen.
  • It’s really fun going over the images together afterwards and discussing why they chose what they did. Sometimes its something flippant and whimsical. Often times a really beautiful facet of their personality you hadn’t considered before is revealed. Either way, this is a super fun photography game that will have your kids excited to play with you.

Photography Game. Three – Heart Treasure Map

My favourite photography game because of its simplicity. You give your camera to your child and let them go crazy taking pictures of anything that catches their eye. Basically it’s their heart treasure map. A window into what they love. Do not overthink this, just let them be and see what happens.

How to do it:

  • Pass your camera over.
  • Ask your child to make 20 images of anything that catches their eye. 20 is about right. If you let them go wild, kids love that machine-gun chatter of the shutter and you’ll end up with a thousand images and a headache sifting through to find the good ones.
  • Try not to hover or try to correct them. Just let them go and meet up with them when they’re done.
  • Go back through the images together and let them talk about why they made each photo.
  • Seeing the world from their level is a real eye-opener. Discussing what was going through their mind when they took the photo can be even cooler than the photo itself.
  • Now it’s your turn. 20 images max. Go!

Watching your child enjoying the camera while they play these games with you is pretty close to pure joy. Getting to know them even more is such a beautiful bonus, isn’t it? And it’s a brilliant reminder of where it all began for the rest of us. You’ll be amazed at some of the images they produce and hopefully, you’ll be inspired to relax and enjoy your photography a little more as well.

Do you have any other photography games you’d like to share? I’d love to see the pics you make with your loved ones. Shoot me an email! Or tag me @kathscottloves on Instagram. It would honestly give me the biggest buzz.

Always cheering you on!