My name is Kath. And this is Matt.

I’m a mother, a wife, and someone who finds the greatest joy in the smallest things.

Matt is a father, a best friend and one of those people who is just easy to be around.

His family is everything to him. Being available for his girls no matter how tired or busy he becomes is his dedication and his love for family and people shines through in everything he does. Matt takes care of the bookkeeping side of things here at the studio. He is the heartbeat at the centre of our family and this business would not be possible without him. He is mad for Aussie Rules football, is newly interested in a good cup of coffee (locally roasted Rushborn Roast– to die for!!) and will do anything to make you smile all the while completely unaware that his smile alone has the power to bring forth yours.

My family is my world and my dream is a simple life with chickens who have names like Betty and Darlene and a backyard full of twinkling garden lights, grape vines and wildflowers. Summer afternoons with friends and family, the smell of my husbands home-cooked eggplant parmigiana and the laughter of my girls as they chase each other with the garden hose are some of my favourite things.

As your photographer I want to show you your family as you see them in your heart. The simple moments that grab you but seem to disappear so quickly, the soft curl of her hair on the back of her head, the look on his face as you reach for his hand. I want to bring the moments you love the most to life in stunning Artwork that will leave you breathless and thankful for your everydays. You may feel tired and busy but amongst the chaos of morning routines and dirty dishes are pockets of love-soaked beauty. I would love to come into your world and bring that beauty to the surface.


Meet Kath.



Meet Matt.




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