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the ordinary beautiful workshop

A small group photography workshop made especially for mums

Saturday, 9 November 2019
Esk, Queensland, Australia

Nobody should have to feel frustrated by complex photography terminology.

Hey! I’m Kath. And I’m so glad you’re here!

I remember what it was like to just want to take amazing photos of my family. I bought my first good camera when my eldest was born. I wanted to capture all of the details of that incredible time in our lives. And I wanted my pictures to be as rich and full of life as what I saw before my eyes. I thought buying a good camera would make my photos better but it didn’t. I quickly realised it was me and my heart sank.

Like you, I was frustrated by confusing online education and the lack of real-life examples to learn from.

I now know how it feels to have photos that are exactly as I’d hoped to make. Photos that mirror exactly how beautiful real life is.

I care about your family photos. I’m here to help.

what's inside the workshop?

my step by step framework designed to get you results!

• Step. 1 - Discover Your Why

Discover your 'why' and how to use it to guide you.
You have to start here. It’s a magical process.
I have the perfect exercise to uncover yours!
The secret ingredient in all great photos is YOU!
Start with 'why' and a bunch of your problems appear much smaller!

• Step. 2 - What Makes A Great Photo?

How to make a great photo every single time when you start with this 'one thing.'
The elements of a great photo. Light. Composition. Movement. Story.
Why some photos work better than others.
Small things you can do right now that make big differences!

• Step. 3 - Set up your camera for success

When you understand how your camera works you can tell it exactly what to do!
Aperture. Shutter speed. ISO. You’ll always know what settings to choose!
Use your camera's light meter to get the right amount of light in your images.
Get your colours right so your skin tones look peachy and professional.
Nail focus without just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.
I'll help you set up your camera for success!

• Step. 4 - Putting It All Together!

Live shoot with me!
This is the part that MOST photography training misses! Where the tech meets the practical!
Watch on as I photograph my own family the Ordinary Beautiful way. See where I stand, where the light is, how I move around.
You'll also get my exact Shoot Mindmap. How I get the exact shot I want 9 times outta 10. I’m so excited to share this with you!

• Good food, good people!

A massive part of the reason I wanted to run this workshop in the first place is that I pictured us getting together, sipping coffee, sharing food and talking about photography. That vision of us all together in my lounge room is what has driven me. It's time to make it happen.

You will be provided with all meals and drinks on the day. You need only bring your camera, a notepad and pen. The rest is taken care of.

• 30-day money-back guarantee

If you don’t feel like your photography skills got whiplash from getting ahead so quickly I’ll give you all your money back. I don't want to take your money if I can't get you results.

You'll receive a tailored action plan at the end of the workshop to ensure you get the results you came for. I'm committed to your success.


I'm a professional photographer. Is this for me?

This workshop is designed especially for beginners and professionals in the earlier stages of their learning looking to build their photography on a firm foundation. Equal parts art and heart.

If you feel nervous before a shoot or like there is a missing piece in your knowledge, you will love this workshop! And we'd totally love to have you!

I have a special diet. Can you look after me?

Absolutely! I'll be in touch in the weeks leading up to the workshop to make sure that everyone is taken care of. Cake is no fun at all if you can't have some too! (I know what that's like.)

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are all provided.

What should I bring?

Your camera, a notepad and a pen. That's it!

I only have a (insert your camera model here). Is that good enough for the workshop?

Yes! Honestly.
Especially when you're learning, your camera matters less than you might think. Just make sure it has the ability to shoot in Manual Mode. Look for an 'm' on the main dial on top of your camera.

Once you do the workshop you'll have a great idea about what you're looking for in a camera if you decide to upgrade!

Do I need to own a camera?

No, you don't need a camera!

A huge chunk of the workshop can be completed without a camera and I'll have two spare DSLR's here for participants to play with on the day.

The workshop will actually be a great place to start if you're considering buying your first good one. You'll know exactly what to look for when purchasing.

this workshop is for you if:

(you tick any of the below)


  • You bought a nice camera to take photos of your family but the photos don’t look like what you have in your heart.
  • People sometimes ask you to take their photo and it freaks you out because you’re not confident.
  • You waste time online trying to get answers and you’re frustrated because you’re not sure if you’re getting the right information.
  • You learn best by someone showing you exactly what to do.
  • Your photos are pretty good but you can’t help but feel like something is still missing.
  • A day off just for you to reset your most joyful motherhood (with a bunch of other women who feel the same) sounds amazing.


i'm so glad you asked!

I’m a mum of four. I tuck my babies into unmade beds at night and they love me all the same. I’m a lover of little things like the smell of sun-dried clothes and the sound of toddlers having a conversation when they don’t know you’re listening.

I’ve been a professional photographer for eight years now. I’ve photographed close to a hundred weddings and over three hundred family sessions. But my greatest joy is in photographing the everyday moments in our ordinary, beautiful life.

There is magic in lifting the lid on the ordinary and finding the gold that waits there. That dusty old DSLR in your cupboard? Yeah, that can easily be a tool for finding joy. Let me show you how.

maybe you're one of the lucky ones...

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones and photography comes naturally to you.
Your parents were artists. Your camera is an extension of you.
You get the shot every single time.
You’ve found your style and you’re settling in with your favourite blanket and a stash of TV snacks.

I haven’t met many people like that.

I’m definitely not like that.

The truth?

Everything can be learnt.

Come and join me for The Ordinary Beautiful Workshop - Manual Mode Masterclass.

I'll share the framework I've created especially for women who want to learn photography the right way from the start.

I've made it into bite-sized chunks.

Served with coffee and cake and new friends.

Are you ready to go from confused to confident?


so how much does it cost?


Please drop your details below to be informed if a spot becomes available or to get on the waitlist for next time.