Have you ever looked at your kids and thought 'wow, how did they get so big?'

How would you like to start making photos you love?

better photos of your kids

better photos in 5 easy steps, without the tech overwhelm and even if you don't think you have time?

yes, please!

I know you! You’re done with carefully curated and perfectly posed. You want REAL photos of your kids because they’re actually kinda cool exactly as they are. And that’s how you want to remember them!

By the end of this 5-step workbook, you will have a toolkit bursting with my top 5 best tips and tricks that will have you making REAL photos of your kids that you’ll love. I guide you step by step for super-quick results! And the best part? You get to do it mindfully so you don’t miss the moment!

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step 1.

grab the workbook!

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step 2.

join the community!

The OB Workshop Success Squad FB Group is where I jump in to send you shots of inspiration and extra tips to help you rock the steps!

If you're an Instagram kinda girl as well, tag your pics #365ordinarybeautiful and I'll be checking in to cheer you on!

You can find me @kathscottloves!

step 3.

enjoy the results!

After completing the Workbook you'll have 25 amazing photos of your child.

You can rest and feel fulfilled that this time in their life has been captured mindfully and true to who they are.

Give yourself a high five! Your future self is going to be giddy with gratefulness!

count me in!

i'd love to make better photos of my family!