Ordinary is the most incredibly beautiful story of all.
I really believe it.

I’ve felt this way for quite a while but I didn’t really know what to do with it. How to make pictures about it. And then one morning at around three AM while I was in that zone between asleep and awake feeding Poppy, The Ordinary Beautiful Project was born. I scribbled notes on anything white and papery I could find in the dark. I’m not sure if it will work. Or if anyone else will like it. But it makes me excited to start my day and to see where this might go.

I hope that eventually where it goes is into peoples homes. People that I am yet to make friends with and others that maybe I have known all my life. Little pieces of my art showing them how their ordinary life is incredibly beautiful and worthy of making pictures of. I think deep down, everyone knows they are surrounded by little bits of awesomeness but there is power in a still image that makes us pause and notice.

I want to remind people of what they have.
Make ordinary worth something more.

So, just the other day we were invited to celebrate Australia Day with some friends. They invited us into their home to share food that they had taken the time to make especially for all of their friends. We ate on a long table underneath their house, out of the rain, so everyone could laugh and talk and be together. There was beer and tomato sauce. Ordinary and beautiful? Definitely. I made some pictures and Matt and I mooshed them together into a little film. Keep an eye out for the guy with the Australia Day wrist bands and the girl in the Australian flag hat and cape. These guys got engaged the day after these images were taken! HOW EXCITING!?!? Congratulations!!!


When I look at this I feel so so grateful to have such amazing people in my life. Every single person in this film is a dead set legend.

Welcome to The Ordinary Beautiful Project.



The Ordinary Beautiful Project. AUSTRALIA DAY from Kath Scott on Vimeo.



I really wanted to use the Hottest 100 winner as the soundtrack for this film but when Thrift Shop took it out I had to reconsider. Thanks to Mumford and Sons (#5 with ‘I Will Wait’) for this cool little ditty which you can buy here.



If you’d like to more about The Ordinary Beautiful Project or to register for your very own, CLICK HERE!