A 12 Step Guide to capturing the Most Meaningful Moments Of Childhood

All the tiny details you want to remember forever, at your fingertips by the time you finish this course. That is what I want for you. I know you’re busy. I want to make this really simple for you. And fun. Let me tell you that understanding just a few basic concepts can dramatically increase the wow-factor of your photographs and I’d love to share them with you.

Time to put the love and colour into your family photographs?

We’re currently working on two versions of The Ordinary Beautiful Workshop. One via the interwebs for you mamas in far-away lands and one in our cosy little Australian Studio space here in Esk, South East Queensland, Australia.


– photography basics. How can we not cover this??

– using your camera to tell the kind of stories you want to tell

– why light is so important and where to find the best kind

– shooting what you love and how to find out exactly what that is

– choosing what tools to use and making the most of what you have

– getting in the frame with your children and others

– creating images with spark

– starting your own Ordinary Beautiful Project (photo-a-day-project). Why it’s a great starting point, easily carving out time to make it happen and why it’ll be one of the best things you ever did

– post-processing your images. Editing and enhancing and how these can dramatically affect the end result

– organising and backing up your files with minimal fuss

– printing your work. There’s nothing like seeing your work in print

The dates and details are currently being sorted, so for now, if you leave your name in the form below you’ll be first on the list the moment we cross the t’s and dot the i’s. I cannot wait to give you the skills to create the kind of photographs that grab you by the heart time and time again. You can do this!




Mentoring can be done online or in person. As far as what you will learn, I am an open book and the time spent together is free-flowing and based on what you want from me. There is no specific lessons or tasks for you to complete during your mentorship however I will get you to fill out a questionnaire for me before we begin so I can really dig down into where I can help you most.

From finding inspiration through to client interactions, editing, marketing, and pricing I want to immerse myself in your world and find out where I can help. I’ll also be wanting to get a feel for who you are. Like really. When it’s just you in front of the mirror, no makeup, that kind of thing. It’s from this place that we can really get into creating art that will make your heart sing from a place of authenticity.

The mentoring is particularly suited to professionals and business owners wanting to take their art and business to the next level however can also be a really special way for non-professionals to learn one on one.

Investment: $800 per 4 hour Half-Day Session. $150 per hour after that. Online via Skype or In-Person.



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